Being a Young Author

At the age of fourteen, I published my first book, The Legend of Amanda Robins. You are probably thinking that is mind-blowing. It kind of is, I’ll admit that. I try to be humble.

Writing was something in me that I did not know was in me. It evolved from many things. My elementary school in New York educated its students into being able to write stories. I watched a lot of movies with my dad. As a child, I had always loved to read. Books were my escape from reality. On Sundays, when I would go out with my family, I would bring a book with me just in case I would be able to find time to read.

It wasn’t until I started writing The Legend of Amanda Robins that I realized I liked writing. The Legend of Amanda Robins is purely based off of my childhood imagination and I always wanted to write it into a book and someday publish it. And I did.

Two years later, I published my second book called Escape. After publishing The Legend of Amanda Robins, I had no second book in mind. Yet, things have a funny way of happening. Escape originated from a dream I had which was so realistic that I had to write it. I usually don’t remember my dreams too, yet I remembered this one and from a short story, I ended up developing it into an entire book.

At the age of sixteen, I had already published two books. Sometimes, I think about it and I barely even believe it today. As a child, I imagined myself being an author sometimes, not taking it seriously back then, but imagine if I had to go back in time and tell my younger self that I really would become an author in my teenage years … I probably wouldn’t believe myself.

However, throughout the years, I doubted my credibility as a writer. Was I good enough? Am I only joking myself? Self-doubt really is a horrible thing to experience. Yet, I overcame it because I became aware that yes, I am a writer and I love to write. Writing is my way of expression. When I say, “I am a writer”, I say so with so much confidence because I truly believe it.

Today, I am writing my third book called Cold and Dark and compared to my first two books, this one is different. I have now grown older and my writing has improved. Cold and Dark is something that marvels me. It developed with me. It was once a baby, it grew into a child and at the moment it’s a teenager, yet it will develop furthermore into an adult. And I am so excited for that moment to come.

2 responses to “Being a Young Author”

  1. Good luck with writing your book!…speaking from experience yes indeed, that dreadful sense of doubt can cast a heavy shadow of inferiority on your skills, especially if you look around at the (more established) authors around you and start to compare too much (something I struggle with). I try to tell myself that everyone is different, everyone develops at their own pace, everyone has their own unique voice, talents and technique to perfect. But it’s still not easy, there are still days when i feel it’s so pointless….but you got to keep writing, is what I try to tell myself.

    I admire your attitude and approach when it comes to asserting that you’re an author. It’s something I dream of being able to say as well (being a published author) but it’s a dream for now ;-P

    Keep it up and best of luck for the future! 😀


    1. Thank you for your feedback! What I can certainly say is that you shouldn’t give up! Things happen for a reason and one of them is due to hard work! If you believe in yourself, then you too could be an author 😉


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