Up, Up and Away

Before I started travelling, I had a very wrong idea of the experience. I always thought that the day I left Malta was the day I would go back to New York; I did not think I needed to travel anywhere around the world because there was nowhere to go to but New York.

I changed my mind quickly.

I was offered to participate in an Erasmus+ Project in Rezekne, Latvia in June 2017 and I am not the type of person to say no to an opportunity. I said yes, knowing that I would be leaving Malta but not going to New York and even though that thought bothered me, I still took the opportunity.

I remember when the airplane started to take off and it was about to leave the ground, tears started to fall from my eyes. When the airplane completely left the ground, I was overwhelmed with joy. I had left the Maltese Islands and for me, that was an accomplishment. For a long time during my stay in Malta, it was one of the things I always wanted to do; to someday leave.

That moment, on the airplane, I looked out of the window and I was looking down on Malta. I was in the sky. I was like a baby bird who flew for the first time. That moment was a very significant moment in my life. If I could leave for Latvia, I knew I would leave for New York and I felt courage wash over me.

I believe that airplanes are the greatest form of transportation. You can go anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a credit card to book a flight. And I love that. I love how easy it is to fly and to visit any country, city or town in the world. Being on an airplane is a privilege to me. It marvels me how mankind can fly due to airplanes, a human invention. I believe, in some aspects, human progression has created problems, yet the airplane is the one human invention, in my opinion, that is the most beautiful. Mankind can fly.

I pity the fact that such an incredible creation coming from a combination of mathematics, physics and engineering was abused by mankind to kill thousands of people in World War Two. And that they carried and dropped two nuclear bombs to send a message to Japan in 1945. Japan surrendered.

Ever since Latvia, I have never said no to a travelling opportunity and I love to travel. Sometimes, I have the habit of looking up Google Maps on my laptop and just looking at the world’s hugeness. The country that impresses me the most is Russia. It has so much land! There are so many Asian countries with different cultures. And so many small islands in the middle of oceans and seas! The world truly is grand.

Nevertheless, I still think that New York is the only place I actually have to go to but that is because I’m from there and cannot wait to go back. I like to look up flights to Paris, Barcelona, London and to my City That Never Sleeps. My credit card gets scared. There’s a world out there that I want to see and I intend to. I wish airplane trips were as frequent as bus rides. I love being on an airplane. Already I have booked two trips for this year and I intend to book more. Booking a flight is only one click away.

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