Only in Nadur

This week, I was a tad late with my blog post but I have a good reason! One word. Carnival.

The best carnival in the Maltese Islands can be found only in Nadur, Gozo. Carnival is a religious feast dedicated to alcohol and partying. For most people from Nadur, like myself, carnival is always a bit more special. It is our town that other Gozitans, Maltese and foreigners come to to party like they’ve never partied before. However, people from Nadur party way more; it is our feast along with Mnarja.

I couldn’t publish a blog post on Sunday morning like usual because carnival would not be over yet and I had to write about the entire experience. It was not because I was suffering from a hangover.

Carnival did not start off very well for my friends and I. Unfortunately, my best friend’s phone got stolen and we helplessly searched for it all Friday night. We were devastated that such a thing had to happen and my best friend hasn’t even found her phone yet. Way to start off party weekend on such a good note.The irony is that on the second day, my other best friend almost lost her phone too. Yes, we were cursed this weekend which meant I was meant to loose my phone on Sunday but thank the carnival gods, I didn’t.

What is certain is that a lot of crazy stuff happens at Nadur carnival. What makes carnival in Nadur iconic is the “maskarati” and “karrijiet”. There were people dressed up with masks actually hanging clothes on a line right in the street, wetting people with soap water and others running around with bikes, running people over. Let’s not get into my favorite “karru” from carnival of the Pilatus Bank Scandal with Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia’s beautiful kiss. I also loved the wrecked pink car with more “maskarati”. There was also a lot of Casa de Papel costumes, terrorizing people.


Furthermore, my friends and I were 70s disco on Friday, intergalactic aliens on Saturday and 80s gymnasts on Sunday. I’m surprised that my legs don’t hurt me this morning from the amount of squats I did on early Monday morning. My friends and I got random people to do squats and lunges with us which was hilarious. I barely got four hours of sleep each night this weekend, yet I had enough energy for Sunday night, jogging around and doing squats.

As usual, every year a lot of Maltese people come to our town of Nadur to annoy the locals in Gozo and drink until they can’t stand anymore at the Nadur square. Not all the Maltese are bad though. Just some during carnival. Nevertheless, the Maltese really do party. They can just party too much and think they can do whatever they want sometimes.

Even though I intend to someday in the near future, move to New York, I will surely miss the craziness of Nadur Carnival. I love to party and the best kind of party is Nadur Carnival. I even have friends from New York who came to Nadur Carnival specifically for the first time this year and they surely loved it.

As I write this, it is Monday morning, at about 9 o’clock, and I’m on the ferry. Since this weekend was so unproductive regarding my studies, at least I was productive with partying. Now, back to normality.

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