Avengers End Game


I’ve been a huge fan of Marvel movies ever since the first Iron Man movie came out.

For Marvel fans like myself, we had been waiting an entire year for the last movie in which our beloved characters would feature. After years of Marvel movies for Iron Man, Capitan America, etc. End Game is the final one.

Infinity War took my breath away last year, thus I expected something much similar in End Game.

Before watching the movie last night, I thought my heart was going to be shattered after watching End Game. However, I got mixed feelings after watching End Game.

End Game did not reach my expectations. I expected something more epic. Again, Infinity War was the epic of all epics. I consider it the best Marvel movie. Therefore, I expected End Game would be as epic or even more. After having watched the Marvel movies for over ten years and they were all quite epic, that’s what you want and what you expect, especially from the final movie. The reason why I felt that End Game was not as epic was because it was not meant to be epic. It was meant to be different; the end to it all. It was meant for all the heroes to finally settle down, from them to fight their last battle. It was literally the end game, the end, done, gone and finished. All previous Marvel movies were thrillers and full of action, yet End Game was not packed with action, it had action, but it was a calm movie. It was a movie that was saying good bye to its watchers.

I was glad that the old heroes finally got what they deserved. Iron man died happily. I was relieved for him. He deserved to die to finally rest. Captain America finally got to live his life. Natasha died by sacrificing herself for the only people she loved; her fellow Avengers. The Avengers were her whole life, thus she died knowing she was dying for them and for the world. With the old heroes finally getting their rest, we have a new team of Avengers that are to rise.

They certainly will not be the same as the old heroes, yet they are fresh.
The new Avengers are to continue what the old started, and that begins with a new Captain America. The only way they can ever be as epic as the old heroes is if Marvel really makes us connect with these new heroes. They have featured through the other movies yet they were never the main heroes. Suddenly, they have some big shoes to fill in therefore I hope Marvel does not let us down.

It is also interesting how Thor has a new mindset. He’s no longer the strong Thor we know and love, but the Thor that’s going along with things, just like a Guardian of the Galaxy. Furthermore, it is interesting how we now have a new and extended team of guardians who are funnier than ever.

The one thing I could not stand in End Game was Captain Marvel. Personally, I felt that she was a waste of character. I would have completely removed her from the entire movie. She did nothing. She didn’t save the world, Iron Man did. Suddenly she’s in End Game, the final movie, suddenly pretending to be an Avenger when she’s clearly not. She’s all so powerful yet she does barely anything in End Game. I felt like she was a rip off. She’s supposedly the character that rises from the destruction, like a renaissance, yet she doesn’t live up to this since she’s barely in the destruction part. Marvel only created her to now have movies to produce about her, as the new face of the Avengers yet she’s so not an Avenger. She was not in any of the other Marvel movies, she wasn’t in End Game at all and so much hype was created about her, and for me, she was a complete let down. I wish Marvel didn’t create her at all. As an audience, we barely even connected with her and suddenly, she’s now the new Iron Man, the face of the Avengers. I call that Marvel trying to save itself with this rip off of a hero.

The other thing I would have changed in End Game was the time travel concept. I felt it was not brought out clear enough in the movie. Personally, it took me a while to understand why certain things were happening. You see, the remaining Avengers went back in time to certain periods where the Infinity Stones were at the same place. Thus, they collect the Infinity Stones from the past, creating a new reality path, thus their own future path would suddenly not exist as reality anymore. This new reality path would mean that Thanos would never have got the stones and the people would not have disappeared. What the Avengers wanted was to just bring back the disappeared people, not to prevent Thanos from getting the stones and snapping his fingers because this would result in a new path for them. They take the stones to their future path only to bring back the people who had disappeared. Once they do so, they return the stones back to their places in the past, so that their future reality becomes the right reality path with the people who disappeared, having returned. It is quite complex to understand and I felt it could have been brought out a bit more clear.

Nevertheless, the movie’s aim was to set everything right. It was the final movie. That was what made the movie epic, a different type of epic, an epic we are not used to in a Marvel movie. I left the movie theater quite happy that things ended well. I am going to miss the Avengers but then again, everything must come to an end. Even the Avengers.

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