Are You Really Educated?

As I have stated in previous blog posts, this blog is a space for me to express myself in a direct way which I cannot when writing a book. For the past few weeks, I have been finding it difficult to find what to write for my blog. As Sunday nears, I get a little anxious. One thing I promised myself when I started this blog was that I would not quit it and I don’t want to really. It’s just, with June approaching, all my mind can think about is exams, therefore I am not thinking so creatively.

This week, my roommate and I were discussing an interesting topic. My friends and I sometimes have these philosophical discussions and I love it. I love how we can really think if we work ourselves up for it.

In a world where information is easily accessible, I find it hard to be deeply informed on a subject. Unless you dedicate a lot of time and energy into, for example, climate change, such information will not just come to you. The same goes with current affairs. A lot of things are going on in the world and it is hard to keep up with everything, especially when you’re a student and have plenty on your plate already. Then again, we waste a lot of time on our phones (technology has taken over our brains).

It is important to know what is going on around the world. If we do not know how our world works, those in power will do whatever they want. If we do not understand our world, we are letting things be and such tolerance can be dangerous. Many atrocities are happening around the world and we must not just sit down in front of our TV’s and let them happen. Imagine the French never rebelled against their absolute monarch in 1789. The world certainly would be a very different place. I look back on history and see such power in the people themselves. We are now comfortable with our so-called democracy. “We” refers to the West. The rest of the world still has some work to do to reach our “democracy”, yet even this is put under question. Are we truly equal?

Nevertheless, it is not the first time that when I refer to the sufferings of the Palestinians that people do not know of such an atrocity happening in 2019, not so far away from Malta too. When it comes to Brexit and the entire mess it has created in the UK, do we know exactly what is happening? Do we know what the consequences are and should we let them happen?

Yet can we really be so informed about everything? I will admit, I am not informed enough on current affairs. I read news articles online yet so many things are going on in the world. I am not informed enough about our history, as much as it interests me, I don’t have time to read about such things. You’d think that with our advanced technology, news would be easily accessible. The internet truly is a clever thing. It only shows you what you want to see and this is manipulation. Who controls the internet? Our governments. If you want to read about certain news, you need to search for it. The media does not show us everything. Again, it is controlled by our governments that don’t want us to change the way we think; conservative or liberal.

I bet you didn’t know about China’s interment camps holding one million Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang. One million people then suddenly disappeared. This is the holocaust in 2019. This has even been recognized by the UN yet where is the UN in all of this? We play with our politics and then it is too late to save the lives that have been killed. Who knows how long such an atrocity has been happening.

It is ironic really that we are taught so many things at school yet we are not informed of such things. I do believe that there should be a compulsory Current Affairs class from the age of thirteen onwards. Children should be raised educated, right? Current affairs includes a lot of subjects, which need to be discussed. Raising children to be informed only makes us stronger against our governments; we should not be sheep.

This is what my friend and I discussed. Are we truly educated? Is our way of thinking the right way of thinking? Are we ignorant to such affairs happening around the world?

The idea of going to university should be to actually learn, not to find a job. So many people simply go to university, study something they think they might like and eventually realize that they’ve made a mistake.

Furthermore, just because you have a university degree or diploma does not mean you are fully educated, in my opinion. So many university graduates and have no idea about so many affairs going on around the world. So many university graduates don’t know how to speak in public. So many university graduates do not know how to think. Surely there are many men and women capable of handling mechanical or electrical problems and situations as a graduated engineer who never even went to university.

Finally, I conclude by saying that currently there are approximately 7.7 billion people in the world today. Our governments form a small percentage of that. If we all united together, we could control this world instead of being passive. If we were all informed, we could revolt just like how the French revolted in 1789. It would be easier for us actually; we are more in number and we have technology to spread such information. If we spoke out more and showed our governments that we know what is happening around the world and that we want such atrocities to be put to an end, we could make that happen. We are the real power, we just do not know that, which makes us uneducated.

3 responses to “Are You Really Educated?”

  1. First off, good luck with exams!

    And yes, it’s frustrating when you have promised yourself you would commit to regular writing but then exams come along to disrupt the habit. I used to try and still push through, maybe write a couple sentences (regarding stories), but if we’re talking in the context of maintaining a blog (where you need to write a whole post in one go) then yes, that’s more difficult to keep doing.

    Quite a thought-provoking piece, similar to your last post regarding the Eurovision boycott (also yes I agree with the possibility that Eurovision could be rigged and not because of our placing last night ;-P it’s been like that throughout the years but I try to remain hopeful that it might not be as rigged as I imagine it to be…although it probably is.)

    In sixth form, I was quite thankful we had the subject systems of knowledge—it made me CONSCIOUS of many things that would have otherwise been quite meaningless if I were to encounter them later in life. Although not my favourite topics (as compared to science and art), democracy and environment helped to increase my awareness of the world around me and briefly skimmed upon current affairs. For me, I found the subject quite enjoyable (although not that pleasant to study and stress over for exams ;-P)

    I heard a rumour that the subject (SOK) might be removed from national curricula. If that would come to pass, I think it would be quite a shame unless an equivalent subject is introduced—I fully agree that from a certain age, people should be taught about current affairs, or else risk having a society where the population is either indifferent and apathetic or otherwise partisan and unlikely to hustle for real change.

    Your question about brexit hits quite close—I doubt that many know precisely what is happening and the consequences. I, for one, am completely bemused by what’s going on—the issue keeps getting delayed and complicated further.

    Also regarding the muslim internment camp—no I had no idea.

    There are many conflicts across the world that we hear about them once and then it’s as if they don’t exist anymore.

    What is going on in Syria? Has the civil war ended? What about the rohingya crisis in bangladesh? Has the fighting ceased in Libya? There was once a civil war raging in thailand, has that ended as well?
    Or maybe it is I that am too behind the times, too busy to catch up with news? 😛

    and ah yes, university should be for learning and not just finding a job, indeed.

    But the system implemented is one that pushes us onward in a linear fashion with one goal in mind: graduate, find a job, work till retirement, and get pension.
    Few people take up the option of going for a gap year in between studies—for many, that would be frivolous, a waste of precious time.
    Choosing to study a subject just for the sake of learning, with no end gain except for knowledge, is frowned down upon as wasting your time. Because if you’re not doing something that would make your resume look attractive to a future employer, than you shouldn’t be doing it.

    Simply put, the system we have doesn’t allow for one to learn—it simply aims to make us memorise, rather than think. We grow used to being given information, spoon fed even, rather than thinking and searching.

    This circles back to what you said about governments controlling the internet and thus controlling what we see and read.
    A revolution of sorts certainly sounds interesting but what if it is actually apathy on our part that might be keeping governments in power? Many people speak up against certain injustices, but their voices are quickly drowned out once they are targeted, especially on social media. Very little is accomplished from there on, which leads to the fire of justice gradually dying out as well.


    1. p.s apologies for the all caps, it was an oversight of mine 😛 i didn’t edit my response properly


      1. Haha it’s ok. Yes this post was sort of linked to last weeks. Such posts show the way I think and how I consider things. It is easy to fall into the “sheep” way of thinking that governments and CEOs want us to think. We are the true power, but only if we realize it. We live in interesting times, yet they are not so different to the past. If only we could wake up from this dream we live in, we’d realize we’re living in a nightmare. We may not be suffering as much as people did in the past, but that’s only because we aren’t seeing the suffering. Food for thought I guess.


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