Exam Month

It is finally June. Exam month. After winging it all semester, it is time to start panicking and hit the books. As the temperature gets hotter and the beach becomes more luring, the more us students do not want to study. Summer is just around the corner.

As much as we complain about exams being a waste of time since we are not truly learning by regurgitating whatever our lecturers say on the exam paper, exams are necessary. I believe that since we need to take them, there is no use in complaining and pitying yourself. You need to get it over and done with. By changing your perspective, exams might not be as stressful as you would think.

A personal experience I would like to share on my blog is the horrible month of May 2018. A Levels month. It was not horrible because of the exams themselves or their effect on me but what I did to myself. I somewhat locked myself up in my house for an entire month. I thought that being inside the house, I would get my studying done.

After I finished my exams and summer was waving at me in my face, I felt traumatized. Not traumatized like the soldiers in WW1, but yes, somewhat traumatized. I felt a sense of guilt, of being with my friends and going out. It took a while to accept that I could enjoy myself again.

What I learned was that being inside the house for a month mentally broke me. It broke me to the point where I wanted to start going to the gym but my mind would stop me. It took me a while but I managed to get back to normal. The mind needs fresh air. It is easy to imprison yourself with false reasons. Sometimes, we don’t realize we are doing damage to ourselves. Therefore, when the damage is done, we can only try to move past it, back to normality.

Now that I am to face exams again this month, I know how to tackle my situation. I am certainly not going to let exams get to my head. I felt the need to express what I went through because I bet many people probably go through the same thing. Even though I have eleven exams this month, yes eleven, I am not stressing (although I should be a little bit). People think that not stressing about exams means you have a problem. Personally, I cannot stress anymore about my exams. I used to stress about them back in secondary school but I have come to a point where I cannot take it anymore. There is always a breaking point. Exams do not control my life. Therefore, I believe in doing my best which requires no stress at all.

There needs to balance in all things in life. We need to care of our mental state. We need time for ourselves and not only during exam month but everyday.

In conclusion, I will try to write some posts for my blog throughout June however I am going to focus on my exams. I wish all students like myself the best of luck and to take care of themselves! The mind is a clever thing.

2 responses to “Exam Month”

  1. i feel exposed ;-P

    but in all seriousness, something similar happened to me for those dreaded O levels and A level exams, i spent most of the time indoors, believing that it will encourage me to cram and study more. On both occasions I don’t think it really helped all that much, only serving to instil that same guilt you mentioned—i had gotten so used to just studying that I felt guilty doing anything else, even when exam period ended.

    And oh, you hit the nail on the head: when they see you not stressing about exams, people either go “oh it’s because they must have secretly studied a lot/ they’re smart they’ll pass easily” or else go to the other extreme and be like “they’ve given up, they’re going to bomb the exam and have the resit in September…”

    I think we’re raised in a culture where so much emphasis is placed on these exams that everything seems to revolve around them and if you don’t appear very concerned about them, then something isn’t quite right with you (just my observations).

    As you said, exams may not be the best method to assess what knowledge we have gained but they are there and we have to take them. No matter how much you keep stalling and procrastinating, the day will arrive whether you want it to or not so the sooner one accepts that, maybe the less stress piles up.

    I think that’s a healthy attitude you have developed— just doing your best. I think that requires self-confidence which might require some work for certain people. However it’s doable so again, yes I think it’s a good approach when taking on something like exams—far too often we forego our mental state.


    1. If only we adopt another system for assessment, then students would be smarter. We would not need to study things by heart just for the exam. If we actually learned then we would be less stressed. I think it is not just exams, but also they way teachers teach. They don’t make us think, they just simply give us information. When we get to university, one cannot continue to work in such a way. Inner conflict arises and stress accumulates to the point where we dread exams. If only the educational system in Malta changed its perspective…

      Thank you for feedback regarding my post! My intention was to spread awareness. Exams are tough but they are not everything in life. One just needs the right perspective. You’ve got that 😉


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