Summer began weeks ago and studying indoors has been really irritating with the incredible heat here on the Maltese Islands. It’s only June and we’re dying with the heat, I can only imagine how July and August are going to be.

For myself, I can finally say that I am free of the exams and the studying for at least two months. It is now Summmaa!

I honestly feel like doing nothing now that it’s all over. I’m just glad that I do not need to study for another two months.

The best way to start off summer is most certainly the town feast of Nadur, Imnarja, which is this upcoming Saturday. On the whole, I am really looking forward to this summer. I have a few things planned really. A trip to Rome, lots of writing and reading, the beach, and of course, partying as much as I can. That’s what summer is all about.

It is going to be a short summer for me this year, but the end of summer is going to bring along something big. I cannot wait to get these two months over with just for this thing to come. It is something I have been waiting for for 10 years. It will be a short summer, but certainly an incredible one.

Most importantly, I feel the need to express how we need to enjoy this time. We deserve it. We worked hard for it. We studied and took those exams. This is our time. We will never get the opportunity to experience this youth again. Yes, we need to work to make money this summer, but hopefully that is not all we will remember from these sunny days and chill nights. We need to live, and not just during the summer.

Earlier this morning, I was discussing with a friend of mine this particular blog post. I was wondering what to name it. He suggested, “a school of fish”. At first I was like whaaaaat, however I then got the concept. When you’re an English student, everything is a metaphor. For an entire year, we have all been like a school of fish, swimming together, learning. Now that summer is here, we can enjoy the sea and explore; we’re no longer a school until we find each other again to learn.

I guess this means enjoy Summmaa and the beach and the sun… and we’ll see school in September!

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