I’m Going Home

Home usually means family. Family is a wonderful thing, and of course, it would mean home. I love my complicated family (who’s family is not complicated nowadays lol), however home has a different meaning for me. Home has always been New York City. I have been living on the Maltese Islands for ten years, and trust me, a day doesn’t pass by that I don’t think about my home. It has been too long, however I am proud to say that I am finally going to see it again. Home.

I have worked very hard to come to this point in my life. To be honest, I was not even expecting that I would be going back to New York at this point of my life. I have always planned to go back permanently after I finish a Masters degree. However, life really is unexpected.

The sad part about going back home is that I will not be home for long; I will be simply stopping in New York for two days before I head out to Michigan, which is the real reason why I am going back to the United States. I got accepted to participate in an International Student Exchange Programme, in which I am to attend a university in Michigan this upcoming September as part of my course at the University of Malta, for only one semester. Of course, I could not be in the United States of America and not visit my city for at least one day, which is why I am stopping in New York for such a short period of time.

I have cried myself to sleep so many times imagining myself standing in front of the building that was my life, my childhood, my everything. My home. I think I have cried over imagining it so many times that when the day and the moment actually arrives, I will not have anymore tears to shed. Happy tears, of course. Overwhelming tears.

By going to the United States of America, I will be surely proving a lot of people wrong. So many people in Malta have given me weird looks every time I mention how I am going to the States to live there forever. So many people have thought that I was dreaming. I may be a dreamer, but trust me, I am a hard-worker and there is nothing more important to me in my life than New York City. When it comes to New York, I am very determined to do anything just to live there; in the city that I call home.

Many people have also given me weird looks when I tell them that I am American, as if they do not want to believe it, simply because I was young when I was taken away from the States and have grown up in Malta as a teenager. When it comes to my nationality, I am a very proud American, and I am nothing other than that. I never wanted to leave the States in the first place! It is the United States of America that I call my country. Ten years of living in Malta will never change what I am, and that is American, and proud. And now, I am going back. Even though it is for a short time of only four months, I will be in my country, getting the American experience of college and being amongst other American students like myself. I was deprived of an American upbringing, yet I intend to not let that make me less than any other American. I am still what I am.

I have been planning my student exchange for months now and as much as it has been exciting, it has also been a hard and long process, in which I have never given up. My insides cannot wait to arrive at JFK, and later on, at Detroit-Wayne County Airport. I have been waiting too long for this and it’s finally happening. I’m going home. Only 22 days left.

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