The New Kid

All over America, students started school this week. Back to the books.

Being the new kid in school really is a weird experience for me. The last time I was the new kid was ten years ago when I moved to Gozo. Now that I am attending Oakland University, I am suddenly the new kid again. Living in Gozo, or Malta in general, you’re never the new kid in school because everybody kind of already knows each other whatever school you attend.

Therefore, it was kind of awkward for me to make friends again from scratch. I am quite the social person, I can be talkative, maybe too talkative. I am friendly, that’s for sure, but I still found the first few days hard to actual talk to complete strangers. Being the new kid sucks.

The reason why I wanted to dedicate an entire post about this “phenomena”, is because I was really excited to meet new people when I came to Oakland, and I kind of expected that it would happen, almost, immediately. I never realized that sometimes, making friends takes time. I guess I took it for granted that making friends is “easy” because I have been friends with my best friends for years and years now, and we’re constantly making new friends so easily. I guess we attract people to us and they just stay. Sometimes its’s a lot to handle.

A few days have passed now, and I’m glad that I have made some friends in class as well as from my floor in housing. They’ve been pretty cool so far. I still feel a little nervous. Again, I find this odd but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me. It’s only natural to feel this way. Things take time. What’s important is to always stay true to yourself and if people don’t accept you for that, then they aren’t worth it.

Furthermore, I am settling in at Oakland and am really enjoying my classes. I’m excited to learn again, the proper way. I am missing a few things though; driving myself around town and going out for drinks. Otherwise, I enjoy my own company and I feel relaxed. I’m not busy and I love that because I have been too busy for too long. It’s time to slow down and focus on myself and my writing. I am so excited to get back to that.

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