Downtown Detroit

Being in the suburbs of Rochester Hills is beautiful, but annoying when you don’t have a car. I love that the United States of America is so huge, so huge to the point that everything is very spread out. However, I don’t have a car, so I can’t get around to anywhere.

Living in Malta, you become an expert at the bus system, so I took my skills and applied them to Michigan. I caught the bus. Everybody here has told me that the public bus is shitty. It seemed fine by me. It only took two hours and a half to get to Detroit.

I was looking forward to visiting Detroit. Finally, I was going to be in a city, like my own New York City, full of life and traffic and skyscrapers and noise and shops.

Detroit is not as busy as New York City. It’s not as big as New York City. But Detroit most certainly has character. The city center is Downtown Detroit, and I noticed how people there lived a certain way. It’s hard to explain. A sort of societal unique way. Like they were from Detroit and this is how people from Detroit act. The people seemed to have a sense of pride. I saw so many people wearing clothes with the Detroit symbol on them.

I also loved the graffiti. It was truly artistic. Something that really represented Detroit.

Walking on along the Detroit River reminded me of my childhood, walking along the East River. And Canada is so so near! I most surely have to visit Canada; might as well visit another country while I’m here!

Something I must note on, is this particular statue that was at the Downtown Detroit River Walk. It represents the underground operations of slaves trying to hide away from enslavement. Detroit is a well known safe haven. We should all remember such things that are a big part of our history, and our reality today.

Walking around Downtown Detroit for just a day, I didn’t get to see everything. Hopefully my cousins will be tour guides and show me around! It may not have skyscrapers, but I can tell that Detroit was working it’s way up and that as an already unique city, it is bound to become more metropolitan in the future.

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