It’s OK to be Confused

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. How many times have you heard that quote? It’s a shitty quote. What if you really really hate lemons? What do you do? Make lemonade anyways? Do you drink it too?

Life is not always fair. Circumstances are not always fair. Sometimes you just don’t want the damn lemons. In this case, you just don’t want to be confused. You might not want to take the path that is your only option.

I used to take confusion for granted. I thought that it was something you could easily get over. I never knew how things were plain sailing for me in my life up until this week. This week, I had to make a tough decision between two options. I chose the logical option which has its pros and its cons.

I will be completely honest; I was panicking. I was panicking because I didn’t know how to handle this confusion. I never experienced it before!! Now that I have calmed myself down and am in the right mindset, I can move forward. Experiencing this made me realize that teenagers my age go through a lot of confusion and probably do not know how to handle it. Here’s a little advice from me based on my brief experience.

If you’re panicking, calm yourself down and only start thinking about your situation once you are emotionally able to. If you overthink, your brain is only bound to explode.

Talk to someone about your situation. Seek out your best friends, and I mean those friends who you can really really trust. The best friends that you call family are the ones who will care to be your shoulder to lean on.

If your situation is really bad, get counselling. Do not think for a second that your problems are small and that there are people with bigger problems, therefore you can sort out your problems on your own. Your problems are your problems and they need to get fixed. If you are confused and can’t understand what the hell is going on, speak to a counsellor. Do it.

Things are going to get better. You will sort it out! Have hope! Everybody goes through some sort of confusion at some point in their life. It’s called being human! You will make a decision. Whether it is now or tomorrow or five years or ten years, you will get to where you want to be. That is the point of our existence, having our own personal purposes and something to work for.

Finally, ask yourself; what is it that you want? For me, the answer was simple; I want to live in New York. I want to have an apartment in New York. I want to have a job in New York. I want to build my writing career in New York. I simply want to walk and breathe in that damn pollution air in New York freakin City. That is how I made my decision. That is how everything became very clear for me. Work towards what you want. Base your decision on what will get you closer to what you want. Trust me, you won’t be confused after that.

And if you don’t know what you want in your life, never fear, you’ve got time. Find short-term goals and achieve them. Along the way, what you want from your life is bound to come to you.

Confusion is a strong word. I didn’t think it was before I experienced my own confused phase just recently. However, that does not mean we should fear it. Embrace it. Understand it. Understand yourself, and then confusion will merely be a word that you can overcome. It may take time, and of course each situation is different for everybody, but it is all a matter of perspective. Be positive and you will work it out.

(Again I emphasize that this is my own opinion based on my experience. This does not mean that what I wrote is factual, it is only advice for those who need it. Sometimes you just need someone to be there for you. I hope I am there for you with this blog post if you are confused!)

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