One Year Old

45 blog posts later, A Storm of Words is a year old. When someone asks me why I write, I tell them “writing is my form of expression”. Thank God I have this blog.

At first, I wanted my blog to be somewhat not personal. I wanted it to be about my travels and opinions however towards the end of this year, it has become a space for me to reflect. I feel free here to speak my mind. Whatever I write for this blog is either my opinions, views or interests. This blog is for myself and for those who share common opinions, views or interests with me. Those who don’t share such common opinions, views and interests, I get why you might not read this blog but if you still do read it, I thank you. I thank everyone who has spent time to read my posts, who have an interest in my writing and my life. Again, this blog was not meant to be personal. You see, I want to change people.

This blog, eventually, became very personal to me because I realized a lot of things. Sometimes I tell myself that my blog has become really shitty and uninteresting, like who gives a damn about my life? Why would someone want to read about my experiences? Also knowing that my readers are mainly Maltese and that Maltese people tend to judge a lot, sometimes I feel that I shouldn’t post certain things because I will be judged. I still post these things though. I still write anything that I feel the need to express. When you’re a writer, you have to write. Always write and never stop. That’s the key to being a writer. Experiencing writer’s blocks are annoying as hell but the point is getting back to writing eventually.

We’re always transitioning into new periods in life. My blog is like that too. I’m working on myself and so maybe, my blog will turn into something else. I simply want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my posts. I appreciate it a lot. I won’t stop writing this blog. Even if no one reads it. The point is the writing.

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  1. Michael Paul Camilleri Avatar
    Michael Paul Camilleri

    You keep on writin’, Ma’am.

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