Spontaneous Nadur

The Carnival Gods rose for yet another year. I was working every day this weekend yet I made sure to enjoy Carnival to the fullest. It’s only once a year! This blog post is slightly late however I was super busy this weekend and I somewhat suffered from a hangover on Monday morning. Furthermore, here’s my take on this crazy weekend.

From maskarati to pots running in the middle of the street (yes, you heard me correctly), Nadur was a blast this year. Some of the costumes were gold. There were some creative floats this year too. One was about Malta leaving the EU just like Britain. Another was a recreation of Castille as a money making machine factory. I loved the masterpiece on the back of the float with Joseph Muscat reigning. I enjoyed mainly the fifth Gozo Channel ferry float. Of course, the aim was to mock Malta’s current affairs in a fun way. I also loved the hippie van that strolled through Nadur on Sunday evening. Peace my brothers and sisters!

As for my own costumes, I planned last minute however I made it work. My best friend and I dressed up as fruit on Friday; I was a watermelon and she was a pineapple. We looked absolutely adorable with green wigs, head pieces and our sweatshirts. On Saturday, I wore Bohemian clothes which I absolutely loved! I was styled by my best friend. On Sunday we had plans to dress up as princesses but we cancelled so I just wore whatever the hell I wanted and put on some makeup. I still had fun! Friday night’s costume was the best from all three of them in my opinion.

The one thing that bothered me about Carnival this year was the explosion of parties organized all over the island. Um, hello? Carnival Weekend is purposefully in Nadur only. All the parties were just another Saturday night party. Most people weren’t even dressed up at the parties! What’s the point of carnival then? It’s not just a drinking weekend; it’s a weekend full of fun and costumes and being spontaneous. I was honestly scared that most people would go to the parties on Saturday thus the Nadur square would be empty, however it was packed!

Unfortunately, I could not head out to Nadur carnival last night or tonight due to lectures in Malta however last weekend surely was enough fun. I’m already excited for next year!

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