Why Don’t We

About a month ago, I subscribed to The New York Times to keep up with the General Election in the United States. For the past week, the only news being reported by, not only The New York Times, is about the infamous corona virus.

In a matter of days, Malta became a chaotic place that The New York Times considers an “avoid travel” zone along with the rest of Europe. Europe is neck-deep in corona virus cases just like China and Iran.

Now, you’re probably wondering, why the hell am I writing about the corona virus pandemic? I try to write weekly about something that affects me during that same week. Of course, the only thing we are talking about these days is the corona virus. Nothing else is really going on!

With that being said, life as we know it has suddenly changed in a matter of days. Schools and university have been shut down for a week however we all know that the cancellation is to be extended. Supermarkets are being emptied out as people start to stock up. More cases are being discovered on a daily basis creating fear and paranoia. Our politicians took drastic measures because the corona virus is a world-wide emergency. They acted fast and instantaneously. The economy can wait for a bit.

We just all need to do our part by avoiding contact with people, cleaning your hands and avoiding being near elderly and children. Self-quarantine yourselves people!

My best friend shared a video on her Instagram story the other day and it really was mind-blowing for me. I’ll put the link below because I feel we should all watch it.

This virus has proven that we can change on a global level and instantaneously.

So the question (or questions) I ask you are these:

Why don’t we instantaneously stop poverty around the world? Why don’t we instantaneously stop injecting chemicals into animals to make them fatter which create more diseases for us when we eat these animals? Why don’t we plant more trees instantaneously around the world? Why don’t we save people’s lives in countries such as Nigeria who currently have a civil war with terrorist group Boko Haram? Why don’t we force a proper Green Plan around the world to use sustainable energy and completely cut out using fossil fuels? Why don’t we free the Palestinians who are under occupation by the Israeli army? There are many more “why don’t we”s.

We can’t change people’s ideologies immediately, however we can do a lot of physical things to help the world’s problems. We can stop poverty. We can stop terrorism. However the excuse to solving all of these problems is POLITICIANS. We give our politicians power to make change but they don’t. Once our leaders are elected, we can’t do anything but protest. We are living in an authoritarianism and we don’t even know it. We can only protest. That is all the power we have.

All of these problems are emergencies, just like the corona virus. Our environmental crisis is always being pushed aside because these problems seem to “not effect us directly”. Innocent people dying is an emergency. The environment is an emergency. Poverty is an emergency. Wake up and smell the roses. Just like how we changed our lives in a split of a second because of the virus, we can change the world instantaneously too.

Let’s stop playing their game. They are winning, not us. We live in “peaceful” times. Not really. We are one world and everything affects us whether we see it or not. Let’s show these politicians that we have a voice and we want change to happen globally and instantaneously. These are emergencies too.

Politicians, stop bringing up excuses… and just do it. Now.

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