The New Life

Welcome to the New Life introduced by our friend, COVID-19. We most certainly were not prepared for the eruption of the uncanny virus that has made its way into our systems and has flown from one country to another like a tourist.

The world was not prepared for this global pandemic. The world is seeing Europe and USA currently erupt with the virus and it’s only going to get worse, in particular to Italy, Spain and New York. Europe has reached the top of the curve and seems stuck there. New York follows suit. The rest of the States is slowly going up the curve and fear is spreading faster than wildfire. Australia keeps introducing measures to keep people indoors because some Australians in Sydney wanted to go to Bondi Beach two weeks ago and haven’t given up hope. Africa may not be erupting with the virus however it lurks there and only time will tell if it will takeover Africa too. Russia seems to be hiding the actual numbers of cases in the country. Not surprised. And China is virus-free? I don’t know how true that is.

Honestly, I think Malta is not perfect but we are doing a pretty good job (even though I don’t trust the authorities). For once, I am grateful that I am in this country because our situation is being controlled in an orderly fashion. Our government took precautions immediately unlike Trump and Boris Johnson. People immediately locked themselves indoors once news hit that there were just five cases.

As a human race, we most certainly were not prepared for the new lifestyle that we have to lead. Social distancing is now a thing and we are forced indoors. We try to kill time by going on pointless car rides and walks. We’re trying to kill time because we’re going crazy inside. What we really want is that rush again. We want things going on. We are suddenly forced to exist instead of live.

Our politicians keep saying that we are battling an unseen enemy. However an enemy comes from somewhere and I highly doubt COVID-19 just made itself and decided to spread.

Life has taken a pause and I wonder what will happen after the world becomes coronavirus-free. We do not know how long this is going to take to begin with. What will happen when things go back to normal? Will we be socially awkward? Will we have learned our lesson to appreciate the little things in life? Will we learn how easy it is to die? And that our phones, laptops and Netflix are not everything?

When we are suddenly faced with so much time on our hands, we don’t know what to do with it. Suddenly this vast expanse of time is there and we don’t know what to do with it because we are locked indoors and time becomes an enemy. Vacant time is worthless time. We need something to occupy that time to make it worth something.

Do we deserve this? Maybe. We destroy the environment that for the past month has revived itself and taken over. Our politicians are in on this virus just to reduce the population count. Some of us have lost our humanity and need to be grounded again. Our world has become too technologically based and maybe this is a lesson to show us how we need to protect future generations from the lifeless and inhuman world of technology.

Finally, we must reflect on our current lifestyle however we must look back into the past. All of humanity has been through this. Maybe not a virus but there were wars and the plague and slavery. We must not forget that injustices happen every day and in every age. History does repeat itself but in different forms. Hopefully this will be the wake up call. Hopefully COVID-19 will be the vicious thing to show us how we need drastic change in our lives. And so this is the new life.

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