Editor of Insite Malta

Sound the trumpets because I am proud to announce that I am the Executive Editor of Insite Malta! Today, Insite held its AGM and so it’s official! Damn, I’m excited.

Last year, when I was offered the Deputy Editor position, I was very hesitant about saying yes. I usually say yes to any incredible offer that comes my way but when it came to Insite, I honestly didn’t think I was cut out for it. Self-doubt making its entry of course. Writing news articles is different to writing a book. Writing a blog is different to writing a news article or writing a book. However, I knew that I wanted to learn and experience something new. So, I said yes.

Today, I am grateful that I said yes. Insite has taught me how to write articles and be a part of a media organization. There’s still more I need to learn and I’m enthusiastic about it.

Even though the next scholastic year is going to be a tough one (synoptics and thesis yay!), I am ready to be the Editor of Insite simply because of my wacky belief that I can do anything and everything. I don’t mean to sound like I’m the best or that I’m prideful. Definitely, no. I just have a way of managing my time. I love participating in things which is a problem sometimes.

I have high hopes for the organization. I am a strong leader and I expect efficiency. I am glad that I have a strong team who is willing to put effort. Effort is key to everything. I want to enforce strong communication between each of the members. I want us to show our potential and I think we have a lot of it to give. This is going to be a good year (I hope!). I am so hyped to start planning events and getting to know my team more. And of course, reporting juicy news on campus!

Stay tuned and check out our website!


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