We’re Not Going to be Safe for a While

Restaurants have opened. Hairdressers have opened. Beauticians have opened. The Maltese Government is insisting on the reopening of all businesses for the simple reason that it cannot afford to keep paying employee’s wages. We also cannot stay in quarantine forever. It has been two months. Just because the numbers were spiking up a little this past week does not mean that the virus is getting bad again.

The point is we’re not going to be safe for a while.

Whether you go to the supermarket, the restaurant, the beach, the hairdresser’s, the mall, you name it, you will always be at risk. You might as well lock yourself up in your house for another month if you are so scared of the virus getting worse again.

If you don’t want these businesses to reopen, then do not expect the Maltese Government to pay your monthly wage when it cannot afford it. Would you rather end up not having money to feed yourself? It is time Malta starts reopening its economy. Our hospitals are not overflowing with cases (thank God) therefore our situation can allow us to lessen restrictions. However here’s the catch; inform yourself on how to protect yourself from getting the virus. Simply wearing a facemask is not enough. Abide to the instructions and restrictions that the health authorities are telling us. Wear proper gear and abide to social distancing. If you do not want a second wave of the virus, then prevent it by doing your part. Don’t go to crowded areas like the beach. Keep in mind that we must respect our community and our health workers by preventing the spread of the virus. You can do that and still go to work.

Why live in fear when the virus is the realist thing in our lives right now? Our lives are surrounded by it whether we like it or not. Instead of fear, let’s transfer our energy into fighting it but still doing our part the best way we can to actually make life bearable.

We need to understand that the virus is not going to go away soon. We need to learn how to live with the virus surrounding us.

The world has changed so you need to catch up with it.

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