Exam Season

It’s Exam Season – the most dreaded time of the year. After all the confusion we experienced this semester with Zoom classes, VLE being annoying as hell, and professors that had no idea what was going on, I can say for myself that I am so done with this semester that I don’t feel like doing my exams. At this point, exams are feeling like a drag on this already tired-out semester.

Every year, exams are the usual stressful experience that we prep ourselves for. This year is completely different. In my case, I couldn’t be bothered any less about my exams which sounds problematic, I know. Even though they’re online exams (we have access to the internet wink), they should still be treated as important as usual exams. This Exam Season requires a bit more effort than we ever thought we needed to put in. Effort in this case is not the normal studying and cramming of information but instead motivation. We need to motivate ourselves to simply take these exams. It’s not easy.

For those that are going through mental instability at the moment due to this new form of online examination, you are not alone. This is weird for everyone at the moment. Online exams can be more stressful because they’re not the norm for us which is understandable. It is important to take breaks and clear your mind. Go for a walk, meet up with your friends, go to the beach, or just talk to someone about your issue. (I don’t suggest Netflix because it tends to numb our mental process resulting in less motivation for work) Your mental-wellbeing comes first.

We are not in control of a lot of things in our lives right now which sucks. However, that’s the life of a student. We will be rewarded in the end. Let’s make this Exam Season count and have a cocktail or two at Marsalforn afterwards 😉

Best of luck to everyone in their exams!

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