Let’s Not Make BLM a Trend

This past week, people have taken to Facebook and Instagram to share their opinions about Black Lives Matter. My stance was not sharing anything at all because I felt that the majority of Maltese people in particular were simply sharing other people’s posts since everyone else was doing it. I am not saying everyone was following the rest of the sheep. Here’s the thing; let’s not make Black Lives Matter a trend.

A trend is something that becomes popular and when it’s no longer of interest, dies down. If you truly believe in Black Lives Matter, don’t make it a trend. Instead, voice your opinion amongst your peers when discussing with no fear. Futile argumentation and healthy discussion are two different things. Voice your opinion by protesting. Voice your opinion with conservative people and try to make them understand why Black Lives Matter is significant. Don’t let Black Lives Matter die down. Black Lives Matter is a movement and it shouldn’t die down. Sharing on your Instagram account is a means to make people understand how what happened was very wrong. Sharing on your Instagram account is to make other people aware. It shouldn’t be used as a trend. Instagram is a powerful tool and some don’t realize that.

What I cannot stand is that some people take situations like this and shit on America. Yes, you heard me correctly. People criticizing America because the police killed a Black man only shows how much they do not understand America. America’s foundation was built on the genocide of Native Americans and slavery. However, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and America is still working towards his dream. America is still not there yet. Racism is in America’s DNA whether we like it or not. However, we can work to prevent it and spread awareness. And there is awareness. People with white privilege are protesting too. They are helping Black people fulfill Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. I think that says a lot about America.

What happened this past week in America happens often. It’s not right but unfortunately in happens often. Where were all the posts on Facebook and Instagram when Black folk were killed by the police last year or the year before that? Why was it that people all over the world went ballistic over George Floyd’s death? I’m not saying that what happened was right, but George Floyd was a victim amongst many many others.

Maybe the world has been watching America and just as Americans have had enough with this, so has the rest of the world. Racism is everywhere and what isn’t so shocking is the fact that some people ignore it.

Most importantly, Malta may be criticizing America for police brutality and racism yet Malta is not so better than America. Racism runs rampant here too. African migrants encounter racist remarks on a daily basis. There may be people who do not directly show their racism to the African migrants however in conversation amongst themselves, some Maltese people definitely say “they should go back to their country”. Black people and white supporters are trying to raise awareness and fight against white supremacists in America, however who’s fighting the Maltese conservatives in Malta?

Therefore instead of judging America, how about we have a look at our own situation at home? I saw a few posts on Facebook and Instagram regarding Lassana Cisse’s death last year. However when the killing occurred last year, there was not this explosion of posts like George Floyd is getting. Why is that? Why is the Maltese population more concerned with George Floyd and America’s situation rather than their own situation at home? Maybe it’s because George Floyd was American and Lassana Cisse was “just an African migrant”. This shows the racism in Malta still being present even though everyone is posting about the cruelty of George Floyd’s death.

I hear the voices of Black people and their white supporters. They shout. They’re frustrated. They’re outraged. The voice of Maltese people fighting for African migrants isn’t so loud. There are Maltese people trying to get their voices heard but there needs to be more to be able to be heard.

I close my argument with this final note. As John Wayne once said;

Sure I wave the American flag. Do you know a better flag to wave? Sure I love my country with all her faults. I’m not ashamed of that, never have been, never will.

I wave the American flag. I love my country with all its faults. The point is to learn from them and make the future a better place for everyone. Maybe some Maltese people should start waving the Maltese flag.

2 responses to “Let’s Not Make BLM a Trend”

  1. A point of particular interest for me was the lack of hate or race-based criminal charges in the Chauvin trial. Many initially – without complete collection of evidence and understanding of the situation – and still assert Chauvin’s murder was “race-based / racist.” Further, the recent re-definition of racism – which focuses on power structures as opposed to the historical role of the individual in addressing racism- is an interesting departure into critical theory. Especially given this perspective’s logical socio-political extension with a small cadre of leftist intelligentsia – though, distinctly, not publicly debating intellectuals – defining what social structures are just, and how race should work in America in subverting individual interests to that of the collective. I think this contributes to the perspective which asserts domination of Native Americans was purely genocidal – when historically – I’d argue it’s a much more accurate portrayal to describe what happened as “total war.”


    1. I feel that since we now have smartphones & can read what happens around the world, we are not aware of how we consume such “news”. For example, in the Depp-Heard trial, most people sided with Depp & online hatred spread toward Heard. Some argue that Heard lost the case because so much hatred was built up for her online. The same could be said for cases such as George Floyd – yes, he should not have been killed in such a way. However, was he killed due to a racist motive from the policeman? The internet easily spreads a liberal agenda when it comes to such cases – people consume it without asking questions or find different sources with different perspectives to read as well. This causes people to post on social media as if they were advocating for justice when in reality, their posting is 1) selfish because they want to feel better about themselves and 2) non-informative. It’s like people have become sheep, constantly re-posting injustices that happen around the world, as if such people are “aware”. But they’re not as aware as they think. The information we consume could be considered, in my opinion, disinformation because I believe liberal media pushes a liberal agenda rather than factual news. Yet, it’s more than that – people want to feel good about themselves by being “progressive” and being “aware” of injustices. But that’s not enough. I just hate how social media turns everyone into mindless zombies (and liberals haha). It’s for this reason (and others) that I don’t consider myself a liberal anymore.


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