The Pandemic Rave

Happy Sunday my fellow readers! Today’s post on A STORM OF WORDS is not going to be the same old blog post. I intend to create some discussion about the infamous coronavirus. I know you’re all bored of hearing the same thing and letting fear get to you, however these are some issues the Maltese Islands need to address.

  1. Should we relax and let the government guide us the way it currently is? It’s obvious by now that the Maltese Government is more concerned with reboosting the economy rather than shutting down the industry. Malta would definitely be in a pickle if it did. However, the government’s unsettling quietness over the spike of cases does leave us clueless citizens in a shaky position.
  2. Are we simply making a big fuss about these spikes of cases? When considering the ratio of cases in accordance to the Maltese population, they’re a lot of cases. However, if you solely look at the numbers, they are still very few to the hundreds that larger countries with larger populations get on a daily basis. Or should we fear the spike in cases and the nonchalant response of the government since this could lead to drastic numbers in the future?
  3. Are the numbers in Malta so bad? If you think about it, we were getting the same amount of numbers now like in March and April. During the heat of the pandemic in Malta, everyone was indoors so there was clearly a local transmission going on. And yet, we are free-care at the moment but with the same amount of cases reported daily as March and April. I think it means to show that the virus is not being locally transmitted as badly as we may think. Or the authorities aren’t telling us the real amounts 😉
  4. Does the heat make any difference when it comes to the spread of the virus? Tell me about it.
  5. Why is this time so different to last March? Last March, coronavirus was headlining the news and was the biggest deal on planet Earth. In Malta, it was all people were talking about. Prof. Charmaine Gauci became the household figure at noon on a daily basis. Now? Coronavirus was barely even spoken about before these spikes of cases and the news barely reports what is going on in other countries. The focus of the virus is also mainly in America and no one seems to care that it is still pretty much existent in Europe too.
  6. What is going to happen once schools reopen? I personally CANNOT do another semester online. It is also not fair that students have to suffer with their education because the entire Maltese population was not careful to prevent the spread of the virus. Will there be social distancing in classrooms? Will we be forced to wear masks in class? Will temperatures be taken before entering campus?
  7. Should we trust the government and its advice? Conspiracy-theorist me will probably say NO however taking this question seriously, I think we need to take the government’s advice with a pinch of salt. At the end of the day, the government is all for the economy over public health. Be smart.

These questions do not have straight-forward answers. However, there are things that can be done to prevent the spread of the virus. Simple things that the Maltese population was doing until it decided that the virus is not a threat anymore.

  1. Citizens, this is for you. Wear the mask. Sanitize your hands constantly. Do not hug people. Do not go to places where you are tightly packed with other people.
  2. Citizens, inform yourselves about the virus by reading news from legit sources (The Guardian or The New York Times). Do not listen to hear say because all that it does is spread fear.
  3. Citizens, be careful what you touch on the public transport. Be careful of what you touch in general.
  4. Businesses, please take temperatures outside your establishments. Please sanitize your counters, bathrooms and door handles constantly. Hire people to ensure that people enter your establishments with masks on and sanitizing their hands.
  5. Restaurants, please take this virus seriously and abide to the regulations in which there needs to be 2 meters between each table.
  6. Parents, ensure that your children do not lick or touch the first thing that they see (I work as a waitress and you’d be surprised how many parents don’t watch their children well enough)
  7. Maltese Government, implement a regulation in which each tourist who enters the country must have certification from their home country that they took a swab test before arriving in Malta and are coronavirus-free.
  8. Maltese Government, install fines for those who break any of the current regulations (especially aimed at organized parties and restaurants)
  9. Media, update the general public on the current situation of the virus in Malta as well as abroad. It is the media’s job to inform its readers.
  10. Prof. Charmaine Gauci, get back on TV and give us your briefings. Malta needs you to guide it, not the capitalist government.

The virus is still much surrounding us. Be aware and act accordingly. We cannot live in a world without the virus at this point so might as well live around it. I am not saying that we should lock ourselves up in our houses however we should still be careful. Do not act nonchalantly because you will be the cause to the explosion.

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