Review: The Umbrella Academy Season 2

For fans of The Umbrella Academy, 31st July was most definitely a day we were desperately waiting for.

As much as I was excited for Season 2, I was also slightly hesitant about it. I feared that my expectations of Season 2 would be so high that I would end up being let down just in case it wasn’t good enough.

It was good enough.

I binge-watched Season 2 last Sunday which means I was craving to get to the end.

Now, here’s my analysis of Season 2.

Season 2 In Relation to Season 1

It is very important to keep in mind that when we started to watch Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, we had no expectations or pre-determined ideas.

We literally started watching the show and was constantly telling ourselves; what the hell is going on.

What made Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy so good was the simple fact that it was something never-seen-before. That’s why when initially watching Season 2, that same excitement and unexpectedness was not fully there; we knew what was going to be thrown at us. Do not misunderstand me; Season 2 was mind-blowing but not as much as Season 1 in my opinion for this simple reason.

The Characterization

Our beloved characters were not being a bunch of brats or assholes in Season 2; they were acting like siblings. I felt that their individual characters were more established in Season 2 since they were more grown up than in Season 1.

Vanya is more in control of herself and somewhat happy. Luther is growing a hard shell around himself (yet he’s still the sensitive guy we love). Diego (he was so hot in this season!!) is more willing to talk and be a team with the others. He’s also more calm than in Season 1. Allison is actually taking action in Season 2 whereas in Season 1 she seemed to be doing her own thing until the very end in which her sister instincts took over. Klaus is still his weird self and yet we see that he feels like he can contribute to the team; he doesn’t feel useless anymore.

There was a lot of miscommunication between the siblings in Season 1 (which made the show so good) however we see in Season 2 that their bond is stronger.

One of the most significant scenes in the season was when the siblings did not agree with Vanya to go back to the farm however they surprise not only Vanya but us too as they climb in the car to go with her. This shows how they no longer want to exclude her. They recognize that she is a valuable a person to them. They’re a family.

Season 2 was Different

Season 2 established itself as being a separate season to Season 1 with small indications. An English teacher of mine once told me that for a book to establish itself as its own book, it cannot rely on its predecessor.

Season 2 does not rely on Season 1.

Season 1 was comedic for its simpleton scenes and ironic musical backgrounds. Season 1 captured psychotic scenes which through the use of slow-motion and a spot-on playlist, were made into comedic scenes.

Season 2 had more commotion going on. There weren’t a lot of slow-motion scenes. There were a lot of background settings (almost subplots) in Season 2 whereas Season 1 was completely straightforward. Such subplots were Klaus’ cult and Allison’s civil rights movement. And yet, Season 2 worked. It worked in a different way to Season 1 and we love it.

There were more unexplained things going on throughout Season 2. It took a while for things to start falling into place when it came to the doomsday mystery.

Instead of focusing solely on the End of the World, the siblings now have complicated lives in the 60’s that intervene with their mission. It is interesting to see that dynamic. It’s for this reason that the siblings have grown up. In Season 1, they were self-centered brats who hated each other but in Season 2, they understand the battles of life and what it means to be alone in an unknown world.

Let’s Talk About Leila

We are also introduced to a new character, Leila, who throughout the show I felt like it was hard to define. Her position in the plot was constantly changing so I felt it was hard to connect to her. I liked the whole Diego and Lila dynamic yet I felt that it’s kind of hard to pin her down.

I feel like she was too loosely positioned in the show. I liked how she grew up the same way The Umbrella Academy did however she was unaware of how The Handler never loved her. I think this realization could lead to her causing drastic damage.

The Ending

If you expect the show to go in one direction (because your mind is obviously normal), the show will most definitely present you with something completely opposite.

When the final scene played out, I kept telling myself NO NO NO THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING. What really hurt in the final scene was how Ben was such an asshole and the Ben we know is NOT an asshole.

With this new timeline, there are plenty of questions to ask. Will they go back to the past and change everything? Or will they have to figure out what to do with themselves in the present?

What’s for sure is that Season 3 is going to be as incredible as those before it and we cannot wait to watch it.

Finally, Klaus was right. Everyone in the show got hotter. Hope you enjoyed my analysis of Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy.

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