Plenty of Time

My fellow readers, it has been a while. I haven’t been constant with my blog posts this summer which I realized I tended to do last summer as well. You’d think summer would be a time to relax more and spend time on the things you can’t do during the rest of the year. Yeah, summer is the exact opposite of that.

This summer, I worked a lot to try and save up money. Saving up money is not easy when you’ve got life going on around you that demands money being spent. I worry a lot about money which I really can’t stand about myself and yet there’s not much I can actually do about it. Re-wiring your brain isn’t easy.

Nevertheless, I think us humans beings don’t realize that we’ve got plenty of time. We’ve got plenty of time to travel. We’ve got plenty of time to go back to school. We’ve got plenty of time to set out on a new path. We’ve got plenty of time to work on ourselves. Time flies and you don’t see it going by. This realization happens to me once in a while. I realize how much time has gone by and how much I’ve been through. And then I realize I’m still so young and I’ve still got more time and more things to go through and I’m like DAMN. I’m trying to get somewhere and I’m constantly rushing to get to it yet there’s so much time left to do way more in this precious life.

Such a realization hits me. Gives me a breather. I tell myself to just enjoy the moment which isn’t easy for me. It isn’t easy for people like me who are constantly working towards something, whatever that something may be. I sometimes get jealous at people who don’t have a singular and passionate purpose in life; they just live by and enjoy the ride with mundane stress on a daily basis. They’ve kinda got it good. And yet still, I couldn’t picture a life for myself where I’m not trying to improve my situation. I wonder when it will stop and I bet that moment will scare me. However, there’s plenty of time and we all end up in a state, whatever it may be, that we will finally be content with.

What’s for certain is that the future is unclear and unknown. I’m a huge planner however, half the things I’ve been through were most definitely not planned or expected. Therefore, I feel that when we look at the future, we plan some stuff or want to do some stuff, but the reality is that the future is a big void that will soon catch up to us for us to fill it up. Life’s funny that way.

Finally, summer is on the verge of ending (thank the gods) and for me, another scholastic year begins. Another year of education, partying (hopefully) and many other unexpected things. I guess we should all just cruise through life cause the end result is whatever we want it to be.

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