Goodbye Insite

Insite just held its yearly AGM. I am feeling slightly light-headed. How can I explain to you, dear reader, what it means to have to say goodbye to Insite? It is not easy to embrace change when one does not want things to change. Yet, I must move on. Insite was, for me, one of my priorities within this past year. For those who follow this blog week by week, you’d know that I juggle many many things – even this blog is sometimes too much let alone leading a student organization. And now, one thing is off my schedule, my busy and complicated schedule. I feel like a little bit of the weight on my tense shoulders has reduced (of course, never entirely). I will miss Insite. I will miss being a leader. I will miss editing, writing, emails, meetings, collaborations, people, activism, and the many other things that Insite brought with it. I won’t miss the stress though. I’ve got enough of that already. Insite taught me a lot. My work within the organization is proof that godamnit I really can do anything. This blog post is bitter sweet yet bigger things will come. Life moves on and I know that in 10 or 20 or even 30 years, I will look back at this time with sweet nostalgia and remember how much I contributed to Insite, how proud I am of my work and of the organization, of my loving team, and most importantly, of how much Insite made me grow. Here’s to Insite and the future executives that are to come.

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