Review: The Umbrella Academy Season 3

We’ve been waiting for Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy and now, the wait is finally over.

And I, of course, have to give my commentary. I’ve got mixed feelings, so let’s get down to it.

SPOILER ALERT: Read at your own risk.

The First Episode

Every season has to have its own foundation rather than rely on its predecessor – same goes with novels and their sequels. Yet, the first episode of Season 3 didn’t hit me. I felt that the tension between The Umbrella Academy and The Sparrow Academy was not realistic enough but rather, quite petty.

I felt that the dance-off in the first episode was also very extra. Since every first episode sets the scene for the rest of the show, we wanted answers and we wanted groundwork to be made. Instead, the writers focused on making the episode comedic – which didn’t exactly work out.

What made this episode different to others was that we went into the show knowing what was going to happen – the ending of Season 2 was the beginning of Season 3.

The Sparrow Academy

The first episode also perceived the Sparrows as being complete dickheads and didn’t give any of them a back story – that continued for the rest of the season.

Killing off Marcus early on and later on, Jayme, Alphonso, Christopher and Fei was also extra. As viewers, we didn’t really care about the Sparrows so their deaths meant nothing. Rather, we expected that the Sparrows would become main characters of the show since it marketed them heavily as being a main factor of the season before the season dropped.

And Sloane. Luther and Sloane’s romance was made me cringe. I mean, yeah, we’re talking about Luther who’s a naive romantic who’s just discovered his sexuality but for the show to end with their marriage only after knowing each other for what, four days, is so dumb. I expected better than that from the writers of The Umbrella Academy.

Overall, The Sparrow Academy came off as underdeveloped characters who were an obstacle that The Umbrella Academy had to overcome rather than characters who could’ve been introduced into the show as protagonists.

Vanya Becomes Viktor

I didn’t agree with how Vanya became Viktor.

Now, I’m all pro the LGBTQI+ community. I think introducing Vanya as Viktor is fine – it’s how the show did it that I felt wasn’t right.

It was too nonchalant. It felt like all of a sudden, Vanya wanted to identify as Viktor with no backing up. Instead, the season relied on Season 2 to back up Vanya becoming Viktor.

I mean, the season also introduced Viktor very early on, in episode 2, so us viewers were caught off guard. Vanya’s journey of self-realization, in my opinion, was underdeveloped. It would’ve made more sense for the writers to wait a little longer to gradually introduce Viktor in Season 3.

Diego & Lila. And The Kid.

One of the most bizarre things about the show was Lila popping up with a kid who she claimed was Diego’s son. For a good majority of the season, we believed that Stan was their kid only for it to be a complete lie.

Lila may be a psychopath but I felt that lying to Diego by kidnapping Stan was a cheap shot at how “psycho” Lila could get.

Furthermore, what made Lila such an interesting character in Season 2 was how manipulative and badass she was. Yet in Season 3, she seemed like a waste of character. She was only there to be Diego’s romantic partner and the mother of their unborn child.

And Diego’s “parenting” was absolute cringe. I found it ridiculous how everyone kept saying he was a “good dad”. It wasn’t funny at all. Rather, it felt childish.

Let’s Talk About Allison

Season 3 was meant to be a reaction to Season 2 – it makes sense because they went through a lot together to save the world. And Allison’s reaction is realistic – she had a whole lot more to lose than the others, except Vanya/Viktor.

Allison is/was a mother and suddenly, Claire didn’t exist anymore. She left her husband, Ray too, and she wanted her life back. I don’t blame her for going crazy yet Allison did some dark shit.

She almost raped Luther, she got into this psycho fight at a bar, she even rumored herself to be happy, killed Harland, and made a deal with Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

Although Allison’s actions were morally wrong, I don’t blame her for going crazy. I would’ve probably too.

I also did not like that Luther suddenly lost interest in Allison who was what everyone perceived as “the love of his life”. Instead, he kept insisting that Viktor talk to Allison rather than talk to her himself. Luther became fixated with Sloane and forgot about Allison. Wtf.

The Last Episode

After watching the last episode, I went to sleep for three hours. I legit needed to rest because I was mind-fucked. There was too much to process at the end of the show.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves makes a comeback in the show and initially, we all hoped that this version of Reggie would be a good one. He gave off that vibe when he was bonding with Klaus by killing him to bring him back from the dead. Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound right.

Yet, that small hope died when Sir Reginald Hargreeves killed Luther.

I sensed that something was off when Sir Reginald Hargreeves said that only seven were needed to go into Hotel Oblivion because there were nine siblings including Lila and Sloane.

The ending of the season was bizarre because Sir Reginald Hargreeves proved to us that even as a different version of himself, he’s the real villain of the show. He used the siblings’ powers to power up the “reset button machine”.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves didn’t need to kill them because he wanted their energy for his own selfish reasons. With or without the Kugelblitz, Sir Reginald Hargreeves wanted to reset the timeline only to be with his wife again.

That’s so cruel to raise children to fight off four guardians and use them for their powers only to see your wife again with no care about the rest of the world too.

However, Sir Reginald Hargreeves is the smartest person in the show. He trained Klaus to come back from the dead immediately because he knew that Klaus would come back in time while in Hotel Oblivion – which would mean Allison would be an extra sibling.

This means Sir Reginald Hargreeves knew Allison would kill him so that she could reset the machine herself. He made the deal with her specifically and although we don’t know their agreement, he promised her something and I bet it was that she’d get what she desired most – Ray and Allison.

The ending of the show was fucked up because the siblings did reset the timeline but so many questions were raised.

They entered the new timeline without their powers or tattoos (and all their body parts). Luther came back from the dead. We don’t know what happened to Sloane. Ben was still shitty Ben from The Sparrow Academy. And Allison got both Claire and Ray which doesn’t make sense.

The show ends with the siblings all going their own way with Sir Reginald Hargreeves and his wife, Abigail, overlooking the city.

You see what I mean!

An Overview

In general, I felt that there were too many things going on in the show that it was hard to keep up. It was hard to watch Season 3 from the entire context of the show. I did feel that Season 3 wasn’t structured well enough.

The heroes also proved something we kind of knew all along – that they’re really shitty heroes. They’re selfish, petty and not good at communicating. They also don’t know how to prioritize the world above their own wants. Even Five who was the smartest one that was constantly trying to save the world ended up succumbing to the Kugelblitz.

The fact that they were the last ones on planet earth who could actually do something yet were so blinded by their incompetency and instead celebrated a wedding (how ridiculous) shows that they’re selfish – but that makes them human.

That’s what made watching Season 3 so fun. It was fun to see our heroes go through crazy shit and mess up all the time. The irony is the season was very evident which is what makes The Umbrella Academy so iconic.

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