Viva Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas was probably one of the places I never figured I’d get the chance to visit, here I am after one week of being a tourist in Las Vegas.

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to great singers like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Marty Robbins and (of course, my favorite) Johnny Cash during long rides as my friend and I got to explore Las Vegas and the surrounding tourist attractions.

And let me tell you, I appreciate the outdoors and its beauty, but I am not an outdoors person. My friend took me up a canyon of 4,000 feet on our first day in Vegas. The views were spectacular and the rocks were so natural that it felt surreal. And yet, free-climbing up that canyon made me feel like dying. It was worth it though cause life is top or bust 😉

One thing people (Europeans) tend to forget about the United States of America is that it’s a huge-ass country. And most of it is still untouched! I hope that we don’t ruin the vast span of natural reserves out there – human beings should not touch every part of this planet in my opinion.

Nevada alone is huge and we got to drive out to Arizona to access the Hualapai Reserve and see the Grand Canyon. Yes, the Grand Canyon.

I cannot describe how peaceful it was to just sit and observe rocks. The colorful lines and the forever bends of the canyon… you legit can hear nothing but the birds cawing as they fly over.

As someone who has a lot of noise in their mind, it was nice to have some silence.

But Vegas is not all about rocks and climbing and canyons.

The Strip is full of lights and hotels and casinos that never cease to impress. What’s so cool is that you can walk into the hotels and wander around their casinos and bars because they’re open to the public and gamble if you feel like it.

And Caesar’s Palace definitely upholds its name. The interior was absolutely gorgeous. It’s the center of wealth and yet anyone can still visit and check the place out (and gamble).

I genuinely felt like this trip exhausted me (physically and emotionally) and I took a step back to not overdo it, so I was at times a nanna while in Vegas. I know, sad.

But on my last night in Vegas, I did not want to be a nanna and stay in. So, I convinced my friend to head to the club.

Omnia Club at Caesar’s Palace did not disappoint. Partying, clubbing and drinking are major parts of Maltese culture and I have to say, I love it. I love that I can cut off from reality and feel good about myself when I’m dancing (while also dressing pretty).

I needed it after an emotional week of unexpected incidents and my period (NOT FUN).

I’ve Got One Week Left

Now that this week has come to a close, I’m relieved. The exhaustion is taking a toll on me after city-hopping for three weeks.

My next stop is Michigan. Most would think that there’s not much to see in Michigan, but there’s so much for me to see in Michigan.

I don’t know how to feel about Michigan. I’ve cried over it so many times. I’ve pictured being back so many times.

I’ve been asked what is it that I want from my life and really, I just want a home.

Everything else like my writing career, education and travels are important too, but I want a home. And even though I’m not from Michigan, I made it my home for a while too and it wasn’t easy to leave.

And now, I’m a changed person. I don’t have the same mindset as three years ago and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think I’ve internally moved on from Michigan at some point but I feel I kept going along instead of healing.

I just want to re-visit a past home like visiting the cemetery. Most people might find cemeteries disturbing and sad but I love visiting the dead.

And so, I am going to visit the dead again – the dead memories of my past. I still don’t know how I’m going to feel about it.

On a lighter note, I’ve got one week left until I head back to small ol’ Gozo but I’ve still got a lot left to do before my America trip ends.

I now leave Las Vegas more interested in Elvis Presley who was famous for performing in Vegas. His song Viva Las Vegas rings in my ear.

Although Vegas was fun, I’m glad it’s behind me – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Stay tuned for my next post on Michigan – soon.

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