Here’s Why I No Longer Call Myself A Liberal

I co-wrote a “controversial” opinion piece for FreeHour called: Here’s How Cancel Culture is Canceling Out Comedy… and I got some hate for it from some people.

(Read the article here for some context)

I’m not here to call out names or attack people – I’m here to explain myself and help these people understand my views.

For starters, I don’t call myself a liberal anymore because I realized something some liberals don’t see themselves: some liberals attack people who don’t agree with their progressive views instead of trying to listen to what others have to say.

There’s always something to learn from people who you don’t agree with, so keep reading even if you might not agree with me.

My Views On Comedy

Firstly, I co-wrote that article because I believe every word of it – not because my opinion on comedy comes from a privileged place. I recognize that I am a white, Westerner and that are others who by situational circumstance have it worse than me, but that doesn’t mean being more fortunate invalidates me from expressing my opinions. Everyone has the right to an opinion – so I’m gonna express mine!

The opinion I expressed in the article was this: we should not cancel out comedians for making jokes about sensitive subjects or certain people because comedy treats all with equality.

Let me clarify – I think there’s a limit to everything in life and the limit with comedy is hate and malicious intent – but some jokes that for example Jimmy Carr makes are funny but not because he means what he’s actually saying.

Comedians who are into dark humor like Jimmy Carr make such jokes because it is the irony of the comedian saying the joke even though they shouldn’t be which is what makes the joke funny. That was the whole point of my article, which was either misinterpreted or I wasn’t clear enough (therefore, this blog post should clear it up quite well).

I don’t think that joking about hot topics like feminism or colonialism or the LGBTQIA+ community is coming from a place of privilege – I think that if the comedian jokes about such sensitive topics without any intention to hurt or harm, then it is simply joking. Again, it is the irony of saying what one shouldn’t say that makes the joke funny – not the statement itself.

Take this joke by Jimmy Carr for example:

He doesn’t actually mean that statement; it’s because he’s saying it even though he shouldn’t be which is what makes it funny… and he knows he could get cancelled for it because not everyone will get his actual intention.

Therefore, why are people getting offended by jokes that are not meant to hurt anyone? I genuinely think that some people get offended by jokes because society is “too woke”. Comedians can’t joke about any social issue that is sensitive anymore. For example, The Office or White Chicks would never be produced today because people are too sensitive.

Besides, by saying that I am a white, Westerner who is privileged and shouldn’t be stating my (above) views on comedy because I am privileged is basically saying that my opinion is wrongful – but who are you to say what’s right or wrong?

I will never stand by someone who is spreading hate and I don’t think comedians aim at spreading hate.

Disagreeing With Others

I believe that there’s a lot to learn from people who disagree with me. I don’t get offended by other people’s differing views – I actually love engaging in conversations with people who don’t agree with me! I don’t fight with them – I discuss and debate.

If our local, national and international governments didn’t have so much damn pride, they’d act on matters and solve problems way quicker. Everybody wants to be right – but there is no right or wrong, there’s just finding-a-middle-ground.

There was one person in particular who decided to bark on social media about how “I’m wrong” about comedy instead of trying to respect my right to an opinion or messaging me for a discussion – I’m always up for a conversation.

I’m Not A Liberal… But I’m Not A Conservative

What is so childish is that this particular person decided to use my nationality as a way to stereotype my views and indirectly call me “conservative”. How about having a conversation with me instead of calling me that based on my nationality? I’m American (and proud) and not all Americans are conservative.

How about this: I’m pro-guns, pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQIA+ rights, pro-cannabis, pro-hunting, anti-vaccine and anti-government – I’m not bound to just liberalism or conservatism. I’m a mixture of both because I decide to see both. Neither side is capable of doing that which is why our society has so many problems.

For each of my above stances, there are some things that I agree with and some things that I don’t – and it’s because I choose to see both sides. I have multiple discussions with friends of mine who are anti-abortion and yet I don’t dislike them. On the contrary, we both learn from each other because there’s no right or wrong.

The reality is, you don’t know me on a personal level and you don’t know my views on these things because you’ve never talked to me – plus, I had never written about these things before now for you to know my views and how I present my argument on my opinions. (and this applies to everyone who reads my work, not just my critics)

Therefore, if you want to criticize my opinion – fine, but don’t target me based on my nationality because that means you’re targeting me personally.

Furthermore, I’m the type that believes in one simple notion: you do you, you believe in what you want to believe, but godamnit, let me do me, let me believe in what I want to believe, I’ll respect you and you respect me.

And I may not have “facts” and “research” to back up this blog post, but this is my opinion – not a news article! That doesn’t mean my opinion isn’t valid. You don’t have to agree with me and that’s ok!

So, that’s why I’m not a liberal. I do have liberal leanings, but I also have conservative leanings. I find the middle ground and I think I’m pretty good at it.

I don’t usually write about my opinions on my blog. Not because I don’t want to, but because I feel that there’s a time for everything. Maybe this will be the start.

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