My Prague Trip: Cold, Wild & Full of the Unexpected

My close friend Emma and I booked our flights to Prague around three months ago. At the time, I was all up for another trip in 2022.

When the week arrived to prepare for Prague, I found myself not wanting to think or talk about the trip so much which sounds odd, I know.

While boarding the first flight, a part of me didn’t feel like the trip. I’ve got a balanced work-relax life and I’ve become a simple person. I like it that way.

So when I arrived in Prague, I felt like I was disrupting my routine.

I’ve had multiple situations in the past which disrupted my life, so I guess I get anxious about that – it’s not a nice feeling to have.

However, my mindset on Prague quickly changed.

Four Days of Partying

Just a week before the trip, Emma legit had a sit-down with me and told me that I needed to have fun on this trip. My aim was to walk around Prague during the day, enjoy the quiet and the cold, eat out and go to sleep at 10pm. I did not feel like partying and drinking.

I had no intention of being wild or spontaneous.

Last time I was wild was when I was 18 which feels so long ago. Yet, I quickly realized that I couldn’t avoid it in Prague – Prague is a wild place.

Here’s the thing – I’ve become a somewhat ‘nanna’. I don’t go out as much and I don’t drink as much anymore. I enjoy feeling tranquil at home or listening to live music somewhere with a few beers or going out to chill places… so, four days of partying and drinking in Prague was way too much for me. I enjoyed it but that’s enough parties for me for another month or two.

Emma and I were partying till 3 or 5am. We went to clubs, bars, a boat party on the Vltava River and even a karaoke night. Sidenote: I’ve learned that a boat party always turns out to be pretty fun.

My alcohol consumption was more than usual but I never got drunk – just tipsy enough (Emma on the other hand doesn’t remember everything). 

Plus, we were staying at a party hostel called MadHouse – and I’m telling you, it really is mad. Everyone is screwing someone else there, the volunteers drink all day and they go out every evening. In Malta, you’d be lucky if I go out once on the weekend.

I’m glad I got to let loose and party. I enjoyed myself. The funny thing is that I’m only 23 – partying should not be a nostalgic feeling for me. So, the party resurgence in me was a positive thing.

I do love to party and drink but only when I’m into it – I don’t need to party and drink to be happy.

When we arrived at MadHouse, I thought that booking our accommodation there was a mistake – I wasn’t like these people that party all the time and drink and screw around. But MadHouse turned out to be the best place to be.

You’re probably asking what crazy shit Emma and I got up to. Well, I can’t write about it on the internet.

So if you’re looking for a wild party city, Prague is definitely the place. Book your stay at Prague’s best party hostel: MadHouse. You won’t regret it.

So, What Did I Learn?

I observed the volunteers at the hostel who were all around my age. The volunteers work and stay at MadHouse for a few weeks to party in Prague and do shit like hook up with guests. Sidenote: I’m not judging them. I believe everyone is allowed to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

My observations made me aware that I needed to be a 23-year-old. A friend of mine once told me that I carry the weight of the world. That made me cry and I don’t cry easily.

I’m working on my future plans and I’m excited about it. I live on my own so I’ve set up a life for myself in Malta. It’s a lot of work and I’m doing it on my own. Life is about balance; ‘nanna’ me and 23-year-old me need to be more balanced.

Furthermore, I’m aware that there are some people who are meant to walk into our lives. I met a guy at my hostel who I didn’t expect to end up really liking. I thought he was obnoxious at first but I couldn’t have been more wrong about someone. He was respectful, decent, caring, cute and he left me feeling smitten (plus, he was really hot).

He’s American, from far far away Colorado, and he knows how to live and travel. He’s a backpacker who’s been to so many places yet he’s so young. I sensed he’s got a good life set up for himself.

I think he was a sign that the world is big and that there are so many places to visit. I want to break away from the small-minded world in Malta. I also got to see America in him and that made me feel the longing I often get for the life I want for myself there.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again. I hope that we do meet soon. But what’s for sure is that I’m really glad that I met him. Our time together was spontaneous.

So yeah, I reflected a lot in Prague.

Prague’s Sight-Seeing

Ok, so Emma and I didn’t just party while in Prague. 

We visited multiple places like the Museum of Senses, an Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali exhibit, the Sex Machines Museum, the Old Town Square and the Christmas markets, the Spanish Synagogue and the Museum of Communism (the Cold War is my favorite historical period). 

What’s for sure, there’s a lot to see in Prague. It’s easy to walk around everywhere too. I loved the old feel to it – the streets were all cobble stone and the architecture was so aesthetic. I felt refreshed and excited to walk around this city.

Prague also has some of the quaintest places for brunch (Emma and I were waking up at 10:30am of course so).

Plus, I loved the cold in Prague. It felt like Michigan which is always 0°C or less. I miss the cold and the snow.

Anyways, Prague didn’t go the way I was planning it to but it was even better. A lot of unexpected things happened.

So here’s to Prague. Here’s to MadHouse. And here’s to having Emma as a travel partner; wouldn’t have been the same without her.

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