More Travels: Nashville & The Johnny Cash Museum

Yes, this is another travel article. I’m currently at the airport in Nashville waiting for my flight to JFK.

I feel at home in airports and I guess it’s because they’re an intermediary between places.

I’m in the United States for my cousin’s wedding in 2 weeks. I never say no to an opportunity to travel – especially to New York.

When planning this trip, I wanted to see more of this great country and not just see my city so I decided to visit Nashville.

The Johnny Cash Museum

Everyone has a few things they want to tick off their bucket list and one of mine is visiting the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville.

Sidenote: For those who don’t know me or follow me on social media, I’m obsessed with Johnny Cash. People my age like Lizzo or Dua Lipa but for me, Johnny’s my favorite singer. I’ve been listening to him since I was a kid.

I’ve pictured myself walking into the museum a few times but reality is never what we expect it to be.

When I walked in there, I legit started to tear up and I felt numb with shock. The Johnny Cash Museum is the one of the only places I can visit to be able to get close to him (the other place is his grave in Memphis which is on my mind to visit someday).

The museum included some of his black suits, guitars, letters and other personal items like hymn books. Things he owned. Letters he wrote. And so many photos.

I find Johnny Cash such a holy man who had a rough life yet created such beautiful art. His life was art in a way because he picked himself up, changed his life and found God. He found redemption. He was a celebrity but he was grounded in his life and in his music. And his voice, so deep and crispy, speaks volumes – moves people. He was full of respect.

Visiting the museum all about him and his life was a big deal for me. I realized while I was there that I’ll never meet him. I desperately wish I could but he’s dead. I wish I could have a conversation with him, hear his words of wisdom and guidance and learn from him.

It made me slightly upset that I’ll never meet him. I know it sounds crazy that I wish I could meet a celebrity but he’s not just any big celebrity out there – Johnny was a man before anything else.

I did buy his autobiography though so I’m excited to read his words and learn from him. To be close to him.

The Rest of Nashville

Of course, the Johnny Cash Museum isn’t the only thing going on in Nashville.

I love museums so I checked out the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. There’s so many country singers that history hasn’t forgotten like Glen Campbell, Jerry Lee Lewis and Loretta Lynn. All the great country singers started producing their music in Nashville.

It’s sad that the city has changed so much now. It’s become too commercial. It saddens me sometimes that I’m living in this era and not during the 20th century. Life was more real and grounded back then.

I also believe that I’m an old soul. I just can’t keep up with the change in lingo, in trends, in fashion… I like old things. I find more value in them. Same goes for music. I can’t stand pop music nowadays. I wish I could go back to earlier times and dance to old music…

Anyways, Broadway is the place to check out in Nashville. It’s fun for tourists because you can easily bar hop and dance to some country music.

There was one honky tonk that was playing old country songs and I had the most fun there dancing with an 81-year-old woman from Buffalo. She was such a good dancer that we just started dancing together. She was full of life. I want to dance like her when I’m at that age.

What’s funny is that I ran into her and her friend at the airport a few moments ago and spent an hour talking to them. I enjoy the company of old people. I find them funny and wise and they take me seriously.

People come from all walks of life and meet at the right place. I think I was meant to meet those two old ladies.

Nashville was as loud and wild as I was expecting it to be.

I only visited Nashville for 4 days which was more than enough. There’s not a lot to do in the city itself since the city center is quite small.

I wouldn’t suggest visiting the city for more than 3 days because there isn’t much other than some thrift stores, museums and Broadway really.

It’s also fun when you’re visiting with a group of friends – the honky tonks can get rowdy.

So, Nashville was great. I’ll be visiting the Johnny Cash Museum again in my lifetime for sure.

I want to take my dad there and drive out of the city to different parks and natural reserves (I feel like planning a trip for 2024!). A road trip with my dad across several states would be the great American road trip I long to go on one day.

What’s Next?

I’m now heading to New York. This time will be different to last summer.

I managed to relieve myself from a lot of negativity and pain when I was visiting the United States last summer. I let go from a lot of personal issues and for the first time, I let myself live – let myself be me.

So, this is the first time that I’m visiting New York with this new mindset. This positive one. This free one. I’m excited to see my city, to feel it and to live in it – even if it’s for a very short while.

After New York, I don’t have any other trips planned. I want to keep it that way for a bit. I realized in Budapest earlier this month that I’ve visited so many cities in the span of 8 months. It’s insane and I’m proud of how much I’ve ventured out.

However, I don’t want to solely visit cities anymore. I want to plan trips where I can do outdoors activities like hiking or walk trails. I’m not a super fit person and I know my limits when it comes to physical activity but I don’t want to just walk around cities anymore. I want to immerse myself in nature, breathe in clean air, smell fresh grass and nap in the sun.

But this is just some swirling thoughts for future plans. Not something I need to plan out at the moment. Right now is what matters.

So, I’m headed to New York. Again.

Stay tuned for my next article. Coming soon.

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  1. Wonderful Nashville !


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