Review: Il-Giddieb Għomru Twil

After traveling for 3 weeks, it’s good to be back in Malta so, I headed out to watch some theater last night. This time, I was asked to watch a closed performance of Il-Giddieb Għomru Twil by Studio 18 before it opens… tonight!

You’re gonna want to get your tickets for this one.

I can’t reveal too much like I usually do in my reviews, but I can tell you exactly what you need to know about Il-Giddieb Għomru Twil.

A Spin-Off Of Pinocchio

Not only does the play twist the classic tale of Pinocchio to Maltese culture, but dives deep into the harsh truths about our culture of impunity and corruption.

I watched Simone Spiteri’s Lupu/Nagħġa about a month ago and it’s become evident to me that writers want to speak the truth on stage about what’s wrong in Malta.

The theater amplifies it.

Furthermore, Jamie Cardona was the perfect person to play Pinocchio. He talks fast in broken English and is totally exaggerated. Pinocchio starts off young, ignorant and full of desire to succeed and so, easily gets manipulated when he starts hanging with the wrong crowd – just like the tale itself.

Pinocchio is also stubborn; he doesn’t listen to his conscience and instead, lies to himself. The consequences are grim.

Digs At Maltese Society

The world is full of quick-witted and immoral people. There’s plenty of them in Malta and they all got powerful positions. People with no integrity whatsoever.

The play is embedded with irony on our unjust court system, money laundering, the election… you name it. And the personalities in the play really and truly are sriep (snakes) just like in real life.

I managed to get a comment from Jamie Cardona and when asked how he feels people will receive the play, he said: “I think people can see themselves in the show in one way or another so I think it will make you reflect about our society, for sure.”

On the whole, it seemed to me that Il-Giddieb Għomru Twil simply wants society to be honest about what’s going on in Malta. Lies are comfortable, but the truth is hard.

Make sure to get your tickets here before they run out. Il-Giddieb Għomru Twil is running Friday, Saturday and Sunday – go watch it!

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